Royal Flush Card Guard

Royal Flush Card Guard

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Protect your valuable hand at the table. Has your hand ever been taken away accidentally by the dealer? Stop that from happening with a Royal Flush card guard. At the point when a player has the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suite it is a Royal Flush. Nothing beats this hand! We have replicated this poker term in a glossy gold metal coin. The appealing work of art is shade itemized on 1½ " measurement and each one piece is HAND PAINTED, providing for it an exceptional quality. The coins come bundled with shade illustrations and are encased in a plastic spread to keep the coin in impeccable condition as you utilize it while playing poker. At the point when not earnestly taking a gander at their hand cards, players must spot them face down on the table before their chips. Situating the coin over the cards secures them from being unintentionally uncovered, fouled or collapsed.
Product Features:
Size:  1½ "
Weight: 50 gram
Material: Brass


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