Bluffando Flora Poker Chip Set 300 Toy

Bluffando Flora Poker Chip Set 300 Toy

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Bluffando an Italian brand with high quality ABS chips. Flora is the collection or neon color chips. Bluffando Flora Poker Chip Set 300 Toy have 6 color chips. 50 each in every denomination. Colors used in this set are all from different family of colors to avoid confusion between the chips like neon green, orange, pink, grey, purple, black .
Product Features:
300 Bluffando Poker set contains:
Chips: 300 chips
Dice:  5 dice
Denominations on the Chips:  50 , 100 , 500 , 1000 , 5000 , 10000
Weight:  Each chip weight’s 13.5 grams
Size: 2 Decks of poker size playing cards 
Case:  Aluminum case with lock
Button:  Dealer button


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